About us

Mischa Crumbach
Manager and Co-Developer ITRS
CEO and Co-Owner of Trail Therapy GmbH
Manager at input consulting AG

Edoardo Melchiori
Manager and Co-Developer ITRS
IMBA Europe Board Member
President IMBA Italia

Christa Deiwiks
ITRS app developer
Co-Owner of Trail Therapy GmbH

Saskia Bieli
Project Coordinator ITRS
Co-Director at Swiss Bike Park

Entities involved in the ITRS project

The Swiss Bike Park Oberried


IMBA Europe

Input Consulting

Trail Therapy

Destination Davos Klosters

Triebhaus Kommunikation


We like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their valuable contributions to the ITRS (in alphabetic order):

Philipp Bont (Vast Trails), Born Magazine (Switzerland), Jürg Buschor (Supertrail.map), Darco Cazin (Allegra Tourismus), Christa Deiwiks (Trail Therapy), Paul Evered, Thomas Falch (Trailnet.ch), Wolfgang Gleirscher (Outdooractive), Bruno Hirschi (Schweiz Mobil), Mark Holloway (Trailforks), Remy Horn (Destination Davos Klosters), Manuela Huber (Bike Region Voralpen, Supertrail.guide), Dominik Hug (Schweiz Mobil), Jerome Hunziker (Flying Metal), Joos Keller (Davos Klosters Trailcrew), Lukas Keller (Swiss Cycling Guide), Adrian Kiener (Triebhaus Kommunikation), Rafael Knupp (Input Consulting), Marco Kocher (Trailworks), Ludo May (Pure Biking Verbier), Sam Morris (EO-MTBing), Mark McClure (Try-Cycles Ltd), Christoph Müller (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention BFU), Jan Oggier (BikePlan AG), Ride Magazine (Switzerland), Thomas “Thomac” Raemy (Swiss Bike Park), Sacha Robert (Velosolutions), Myriam Saugy (Saugy Performance), Severin Schindler (Vast Trails), Carsten Schymik (Co-Developer Single Trail Scale), Dave Spielmann (Specialized Cycles), AJ Strawson (IMBA Canada), Kevin Suhr (BikePlan AG), Fabrice “Trifon” Tirefort (Verbier Bike Park), Mark Torsius (IMBA Europe), David Werner (Co-Developer Single Trail Scale), Shane Wilson (IMBA Trail Solutions), Esther Zimmermann (Triebhaus Kommunikation).

And the over 1’300 participants of the survey about trail rating systems that was conducted as a basis for developing the ITRS in 2020/2021 for their opinion and valuable comments.

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