ITRS proves to be attractive for Gravel Biking too

The ITRS has been developed to describe the challenges of bike trails and routes, independently on the type of bike. The booming gravel bike sector apparently has realized that. In the past half year, we witnessed two major implementations of the ITRS for gravel bike oriented tour offerings.

The first is “Ciclovia delle 3M” – a three day loop in the Colline Metallifere region of southern Tuscany, Italy. Each single day itinerary has been given a route rating according to ITRS, and the whole loop is signposted accordingly. It targets more leisure oriented bikers and is especially attractive for gravel biking.

Second, in the Swiss canton of Valais, the regional hiking trail association “Valrando”  has developed a set of 14 Gravel Bike routes all over the canton. They have been rated according ITRS. On top, one of the employees successfully completed the ITRS Certified Trail Rater education in April 2024.

These are the two examples that we are aware of – if you know others, please let us know.

Since using ITRS is free under its licensing conditions there might be many more projects already using ITRS that we are not aware yet!