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ITRS Trail Rating App sparks interest at 2024 IMBA Europe summit

From 22 till 24 May IMBA Europe called again for the annual summit. Under the motto ‘Mountain Biking in Peri-Urban Areas’ it was held in Mödling in the Wienerwald, Austria. It was again a fantastic and truly inspiring event with participants from all around the globe.

The ITRS Trail Rating App was presented twice: First in a classroom session on innovations in the MTB trail sector. And secondly as a life trail rating demonstration as part of an outdoor session on trail inspection held by DIRTT project tutor and ITRS Certified Trail Rater Mark McClure from

Both classroom and outdoor presentation sparked a lot of interest and led to many interesting questions and discussions. It was great to see how different stakeholders of the bike trails sector started developing ideas on how the ITRS as a new global standard together with the digital documentation and objective rating from the trail rating app could help them with their individual challenges. For example for a local trail organization to have an extra argument towards the official bodies to allow a re-routing of a part of one trail that was technical skill level red according to ITRS instead of the level blue of the rest of that trail. Or an MTB association that started thinking about offering certified trail ratings as a service to generate some extra funding.

It’s great to see that the ITRS and the ecosystem that is being developed around it is getting more and more traction.

Thanks a lot to Magnus Grönberg for his pictures of the DIRTT trail inspection session.