The ITRS team is offering the following services:


Level 1: ITRS Basics (online or in person)
✔︎ Better understanding of ITRS and philosophy behind it
✔︎ ½ day on-demand

Level 2: Interactive ITRS Training
✔︎ Builds on level 1
✔︎ 1 day exercise in field, discussion of difficult rating decisions

Level 3: Certified ITRS Trail Rater «CTR» Training
✔︎ Builds on level 2
✔︎ 2 day practical education to rate a trail as per the required certification standards using the ITRS rating APP

Level 3: CTR Exam
✔︎ 1 day practical exam in the field rating a complete route using the ITRS rating APP
✔︎ Exam leads to title «CTR», basis to operate under ITRS license

Level 4: ITRS Expert Training
✔︎ Training on how to run level 1-3 trainings
✔︎ Training on how to check trail ratings by CTRs and certify trails
✔︎ Training on how to certify destinations
✔︎ Basis to issue ITRS certificates under ITRS license

ITRS Trail Rater/Expert community management
✔︎ Annual online events
✔︎ Plus optional physical meetings
✔︎ Updating the CTRs and Experts


✔︎ Tool for CTRs to document certified trail ratings (rating data for trails will be recorded for review by ITRS Experts in order to issue ITRS Trail Certificates)
✔︎ Tool for bike guides to document their recce trips
✔︎ Map of all certified trails and routes as the highest quality trail map for bikers, with details about why a trail has a certain rating, e.g. because of sharp corners, or difficult jumps, etc.

ITRS Trail Database
✔︎ Database of all ITRS certified trails and routes
✔︎ Including all detailed and localized rating data for the four aspects of the ITRS
✔︎ As a basis for third party providers, e.g., commercial trail & tour platforms


ITRS Trail Certificate
✔︎ If a trail is rated by a certified trail rater using the ITRS rating APP, this trail gets the ITRS trail certificate
✔︎ Badge per trail including the date of the last rating

ITRS Destination Certificate
✔︎ Review of the trail rating data by an ITRS Expert
✔︎ Review of maintenance concept for the trails as per provided blueprint and recorded trail data
✔︎ Review of documentation of executed trail maintenance
✔︎ Review of signage concept for consistency with ITRS and required standards
✔︎ Review of online/offline material describing the offered infrastructure
✔︎ Requires a regular renewal
✔︎ Badge for the destination as a whole

✔︎ Advice on how to implement the ITRS in a destination including access to online training
✔︎ Advice on how to use the ITRS database
✔︎ Etc.

Details and pricing of the ITRS trainings can be found here

The APP for the level 3 training (CTR – Certified Trail Rater education) is currently being tested by a selection of CTRs.

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