Focus topic: Orientation – VELOPLAN Magazine

The December 2023 issue (4/23) of VELOPLAN, The specialist magazine for cycling and micro mobility focused on the topic of Orientation and signage with an article featuring the ITRS International Trail Rating System for mountain bike trails and routes.

Garda Trentino in northern Italy is introducing a new mountain biking signage system to enhance the experience for tourists in the popular cycling region. Previously, the area faced challenges with confusing and redundant signage, prompting the need for a clearer overview of the extensive mountain bike trails. Recognizing the economic significance of mountain biking for tourism, the region is adopting the International Trail Rating System (ITRS), a standard supported by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). The ITRS provides a unified approach to signage. Stefania Oradini, leading the project, emphasizes the pioneering effort, with Garda Trentino being the first destination to develop its signage using the ITRS. The system aims to simplify navigation, enhance safety, and offer a standardized experience for mountain bikers.

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