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How to achieve high and internationally consistent quality in Trail Ratings

The ITRS Team presented the latest developments of the International Trail Rating System at the 2023 IMBA Europe Summit in Valposchiavo.

How to achieve high and internationally consistent quality in Trail Ratings was the title of the ITRS presentation at the IMBA Europe Summit 2023 in Valposchiavo.

Presented by Edoardo Melchiori, IMBA Europe and Mischa Crumbach, Trail Therapy GmbH


The ITRS – International Trail Rating System – to rate mountain bike trails and routes was presented to the public last year at the 2022 IMBA Europe summit in Val di Sole (Italy).

ITRS is a consistent and clearly structured combination of the most relevant systems that existed previously, complemented with additional aspects, logics and intuitively readable graphics. The ITRS was initiated by the Swiss Bike Park, Oberried, and its development was supported by Innotour, the funding instrument of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Whilst focusing on explaining the system itself in 2022, in 2023 the ITRS developers presented a scheme on how a consistently high quality of trail ratings can be achieved on an international level. ITRS is working on a comprehensive offer of different levels of trainings and certifications. At the core of it is an APP that supports the rating of the trails by trained professionals and logs all the relevant information needed to acquire certifications for single trails and destinations.

Furthermore the team presented the leading destinations that have already started adopting  the ITRS system in order to see it in real life. This includes various ways of how the ITRS can be used for signage of trails and routes online, on printed maps and in the field.

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